#9 CHICKEN FEETSince I arrived in Shanghai, I see everyday something so strange in the point of view of a French girl: chicken feet. It is sold everywhere: at the entrance of the subway station at 7 a.m, in the street, between Pringles and Lays in Carrefour. The first time I saw it I found it soooo disgusting. But then, I started Chinese courses and my teacher told us it was one of the most common Chinese dishes. She told us how to call it in Chinese, and since we know it, we have realized that there was chicken feet inside few dishes we bought in the street without knowing what was inside. 

    Actually, the first Chinese class consists in learning the different words you add after the name of the meat: if you want chicken you have to say chicken meat, or you may have chicken feet, chicken head, chicken stomach or chicken intestin; it depends on how lucky you are !

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