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    As all the good things have to come to an end, my semester abroad will end on Thursday by a Chinese exam. This experience in Shanghai was incredible. There is a flabbergasting energy in this city that never sleeps. I met so much people from different way of life, lived countless experiences I could not have expected before. Finally, I changed a lot, as my habits and expectations did. I was very excited to go in Asia, and I discovered a culture which is so different that I thought. Each people I met will remain in my heart like a piece of who I am right now, everything I lived was so unspeakable. Living in this megalopolis can be a challenging experience, but it is definitely the best way to understand the world of nowadays.

    Shanghai is the town that's tailored to you, you can get your favorite suit, dress, jeans, even your best gown copied here.The tailors at the South Bund Fabric will make anything you can dream up for a fraction of the designer price. Although Shanghai moves at a frenetic clip, there are still a few places where it is best to stroll at a more leisurely pace. The skyline is incredible and I think nobody can stop watching it - the Oriental Pearl Tower was the first building to define the Shanghai cityscape and it is irreplaceable. We could go on about the history of the Bund and how, even today, the city's most respected business, loved restaurant and infamous clubs all call the Bund home, but we don't need to. It's The Bund. Enough said.


    There are so much things that make Shanghai the greatest city on this big planet of ours. Everyone should live here at one point in their life. There is no better city to experience the energy and complex rise of China. 








    I just can't wait to go on this trip that will hopefully help me to live this change of scene... Do the YinYang Festival on the Great Wall in Beijing, and then starting in Siem Reap to visit the enormous temple complex that is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Then Malaysia, Singapore and Bali: chill out on beautiful beaches, soak up stunning sunsets, swim under waterfalls, do a dolphin boat trip to all 3 Gili islands, snorkel with turtles... I can't wait for this amazing travel I have expected for so long, and I am pretty sure it would be the better way to end this incredible semester abroad. I am so grateful to everyone I met and made this experience so amazing, and can't wait for the next experiences abroad I will live - the best is yet to come...


    P.S: As a reminder, CLICK HERE to see the picture gallery of my Shanghainese life

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  • For my family, here is the link to access to the pictures of my semester abroad : Picture gallery

    Pour ma famille: Pour accéder aux photos de mon périple, CLIQUEZ ICI

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  • Hi everybody, I'm now here in Shanghai since three weeks. The access to internet is very restricted and even if I bought a VPN, it is really hard to publish an article on this platform. Anyway don't worry, everything is ok. (and if you sent me 17363438 mails asking news, I didn't received it either. I'm only available on Whatsapp and on +86 185 1617 3214).

    Living here is just amazing, and in three weeks I have already discovered a lot of breathtaking places. I'll publish little articles on all of those to share my experience abroad and let you know where I like to spend my free time (to see it, go on "My Little Shanghai", which is the rubric of my free subject). I created a picture gallery too on Flickr, which is available on the right of the page.


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  • Currently a second-year student at ESDES Business School in Lyon, I am attending a Bachelor in Business administration. Last year, I had the opportunity to do an internship in marketing and communication for Anaxis Santé. I was in charge of the developing and following up of the client portfolio: calls, company’s visibility, mailing and learning program development. 

    I have also conducted a market analysis for Uber – a private driver corporation – and helped the company through its development in the services to professionals. Additionally, I worked a month in marketing for La Chose where the mission was to create a brand story: photo shootings, advertisement campaigns, and identity building.

    I see this semester in a partner university as a major opportunity during my studies to make great memories both socially and culturally. I believe this occasion to immerse myself in a new culture and observe the richness of a foreign country will help me grow up and see what surrounds me from a different angle. Indeed, I trust this experience to be enriching both personally and professionally. 

    Choosing one destination hasn’t been easy, indeed we don’t know what to expect from each of the culture they offer. Therefore, I have based my choices on the abstract vision I built; this epic can only be fulfilled with great memories and surprises. Anyway, the idea of evolving in a foreign country is definitely stronger that the fear of giving up on my daily comfort.

    China is currently a country that perfectly illustrates the global economy.  Shanghai – which is considered a city to expect a cultural shock from – is the place where I am going to spend my next semester. Studying a semester in this megalopolis will be a real opportunity to realize the impact and stakes of globalization, to learn about a culture I know nothing of and to grow up by gaining both personal and professional experience. Moreover, even though Shanghai is sometimes considered "partly occidental", leaving Europe is - in my point of view - the best way to increase the change of scene.

    I will therefore be attending the spring semester at SUIBE University in Shanghai and would like to find a one-to-two month internship currently with my studies. 

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