• Obviously I have to write an article about 18 on the Bund, which is one of the most trendy spot in Shanghai.

    At the 7th and last floor, you can find Bar Rouge. Its rooftop offers an incredible view on the Bund. More than a classic of night's scene, this is the place to go to grab some drinks and talking with friends, far from noisy Chinese nightclubs. The lounge mood is perfect after a dinner at Mr&Mrs Bund; a must seen!


    #15 BAR ROUGE

    #15 BAR ROUGE

    Downstairs, on the 6th floor, there is the famous Mr&Mrs Bund restaurant. The view on the bund is incredible, and you can eat very tasty food with French wine. After 11:00 pm, they offer a 'Late dinner', with a dinner set at 50%. Twice per month, they organize a Bingo on Late Dinner; probably the only chance for students to go there because otherwise the bill remains very expensive, it is probably one of my most funny experience here; you are having dinner while paying attention to the screen where numbers appear, wondering to win some prices like a scooter or Apple smartphone.

    #15 18 ON THE BUND

    #15 18 ON THE BUND

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    When you live abroad, Sunday does not sounds like family day anymore. On a sunny Sunday, we were walking in town and found the entrance of this flabbergasting place: lots of little houses with patios, one bakery ("Farine", an institution in Shanghai for any bread and pastries lovers), countless restaurants between the trees with terraces to chill on and one famous SPA upstairs...



    This place, which is like a little village in a big city, is perfect to relax while having a fresh lunch, you can then walk through the little houses where there are art gallery, little shops, flowers market... I spent a whole Sunday afternoon there, and took a lot of picture you can see in THIS GALLERY.

    Adress: Ferguson Lane, 376 Wukang Lu, near Tai'an Lu.

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  • #10 THE VIEW

    THE VIEW BAR - Probably the best place to go in Shanghai.

    #10 THE VIEW


     We went there when other ESDES students who are studying in Asia came visit us in Shanghai, and it will remain the most flabbergasting landscape I have ever seen. Whatever if you come in Shanghai for on week or one year, you have to go there. You just have to pay 100 RMB at the entrance, and then you go upstairs. You have a glass of wine with the ticket you bought, and can drink it on the terrace with this view. The best moment to go there is in the evening before 10:30 p.m when all the lights on the Bund are on.

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